The Trailhead Businesses Listing:

  • 101 / 102 Opuntia

  • 103 Jennifer Ashton Interiors

  • 104 The Trailhead Apartment 1

  • 201 Serquis + Associates Landscape Architecture

  • 202 Conference Room

  • 203 EMR-Bear

  • 204 The Trailhead Apartment 2


Serquis + Associates

Solange’s experience extends for more than 20 years designing Landscapes that emphasize and create a sense of place by bringing together beauty, aesthetics, and human comfort.

The past 15 years include public, private community and social projects in Santa Fe, NM, where landscape environments and connecting people with places has been key. 

 EMR Bear

EMR-Bear is a Web-based electronic health record service designed specifically by, and for, behavioral health organizations.  Every feature and functionality built into EMR-Bear has been carefully designed to ensure the highest quality of data integrity and usability.  Our goal is to not only uphold and support your standards of care through the use of our system, but to actually help elevate them.  

Our invitation to our clients is the opportunity to “Go better than paperless”.

OpuntiA Cafe

We are celebrating both the simplicity and the complexity of tea, food and beauty at Opuntia. We are learning about tradition while making our menu options simple and easy to explore. We invite you to be immersed in a creative garden with carefully curated, alive pieces that could be easily taken home with you! Come and have a cup of tea with us that has been carefully chosen for its unique qualities and flavor.  Pair your perfect cup with any of our excellent menu options created by chef Kim Muller exclusively for Opuntia.     

Humans and plants are part of a coexistence that, to us, is important to showcase and explore.