Our organic process is part of our lives, our family is part of our inspiration...

Solange Serquis is a Registered Landscape Architect in both Santa Fe, New Mexico, and Buenos Aires, Argentina. In her work as a landscape architect and developer, Solange connects the public with communities and spaces where they can learn, enjoy, observe, and heal. She focuses on respecting, reclaiming, or creating a habitat using a natural palette of materials, as well as utilizing paths and destinations to link indoor and outdoor spaces.

Solange says her optimism and positivity are important components of her work: she believes anything is possible to start, and nothing is worth giving up on. Though she’s currently focused on local Santa Fe projects, Solange carries inside her a big international soul that is ready to create many more spaces where communities can thrive.

Solange’s mission is to inspire the public, the city, and her family through her design and development work. She draws her own inspiration from a childhood spent largely outdoors, and wants to help others be surrounded by nature on as many levels as possible.

Andres Paglayan is an entrepreneur who served as the builder for Trailhead Design Source. In this role, he kept close control over the building process and helped realize the company’s ultimate vision. As a builder, Andres loves the challenge of solving for any daily issues that arise, and he is proud of the Trailhead building’s unconventional construction design revealed in this final product.

Andres has previous professional experience in industrial construction, textiles, medicine, and software development. Moving forward, he plans to leverage this experience to build software and construction products that marry unique design with exceptional functionality.